These scooters are available for as a cheap option for riding around the city. They must not be taken up mountains or outside the city on highway etc. They are a basic scooter and not fuel injected but if you only want to go from point A to point B within the city they are a perfect cheap option.

300 baht

The best scooter available is the newest model Honda Click 125i. These scooters are a dream to ride. There is no comparison when it comes to speed, safety, control and economy.

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249 baht

We consider this the best value for money. These scooters are a smooth and powerful 125cc. They have linked brakes making them somewhat safer. By far the most popular scooters in Chiang Mai make sure you contact us to ensure e have one waiting for you when you come here.

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199 baht

The classy Zoomer X or the basic Click 125cc, these options are a good starting point for a good and fun scooter ride around Chiang Mai, Pai or Doi Sethep. Great cheap option for good quality scooters.

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