110cc (older style) for 99 Baht per day

99 baht per day

To manage your expectation there are a few things you should know

  • These scooters are available as a cheap option and can only be used in and around the old city
  • They should never be taken up mountains or highways/freeways or main arterial roads. This is for your safety as well as the ability of the scooter
  • They have a carbureted engine which can mean they can be difficult to start if they haven’t been running (eg. First thing in the morning). They may take some time to warm up before providing full power. The chock may need to be used to help start.
  • We will assist if required but if you are more than 2kms from Bamboo Bikes we can only assist over the phone
  • Any breakdown within 2 kms of Bamboo Bikes due to maintenance will be covered by Bamboo Bikes including transportation of the scooter to a mechanic. After this the costs will be incurred by the renter.