125cc and 115 cc for 179 baht per day

Great scooter affordable price

To manage your expectation there are a few things you should know

  • These scooters are available as a cheap option in the 125cc range.
  • They can be taken up most mountains and outside the city. Remembering that these are the cheaper options of the stronger Scooters riders need to be aware that they are a bit older and not in “as new” condition. They are maintained regularly and in good working order but may have a bit of rattle or small vibrations etc.
  • We will assist if required but if you are more than 2kms from Bamboo Bikes we can only assist over the phone
  • Any breakdown within 25 kms of Bamboo Bikes due to maintenance will be covered by Bamboo Bikes including transportation of the scooter to a mechanic. After this the costs will be incurred by the renter.