Helpful Tips for Motorbike Rentals in Thailand

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Deposits & Renting Bikes in Thailand

Please note that many rental providers will ask for your passport in case you damage the bike or something goes wrong. This is common practice in Thailand to provide security to bike shops. Bamboo Bikes offers 2 options for our customers: 1. Leave your passport with us in a safe box and get the passport back when you return the bike in the same condition or pay for damages 2. Leave a copy of your passport with 2,000 baht and receive them back when the bike is returned in the same condition or damages paid for. 


Finally, please note that most shops have bikes that look brand new because they charge for all damages. If the bike drops once and gets a small scratch you will be expected to buy a new plastic cover for the entire piece which often costs 3,000 to 4,000 baht. At Bamboo Bikes we do not want to overcharge customers. Although our bikes have some scratches, it is because we only charge customers for broken pieces and large scratches. ALWAYS take photos around your bike before leaving any rental shop to compare when you return to avoid overcharging fees. 


Driving in thailand


ALL drivers must have an international driving license stamped with motorcycle use. European and other countries’ licenses do not count. Even if your country allows you to drive a car and bike under 50cc (B) you are NOT covered to ride in Thailand legally unless the motorcycle (A) is specifically stamped. We have included an example to the page for your convenience. Bike rentals will rent to drivers with a car license; it is illegal to ride without the license and you can be fined as well as not be covered by insurance if involved in an accident on the bike abroad.

Please note the only accepted licenses are those of the ASEAN agreement. Not ALL Asian licenses will work. Only those from ASEAN agreement countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore can legally drive with their countries license in Thailand. All other countries will need valid international permits with the proper motorcycle stamp.


As discussed above you must have the proper license to drive in Thailand. While some riders do ride without and avoid the police, it is 500 baht fine if caught by the police. Police will often ask foreign riders to pay 1,000 baht. NEVER pay this much as it is a bribe. Pay only 500 baht and ask for the receipt as you may then drive for 3 days without being fined again. 

Police may also fine drivers 500 baht for not wearing helmets and 200 baht for driving without a shirt. Please remember Chiang Mai is not a beach town and even during hot weather police have pulled over customers and fined them for not wearing shirts unlike the South of Thailand. 


Many customers enjoy riding their bikes to Pai and enjoying the lovely scenery. Please note that our bikes must be rode to Pai and back. We do NOT have a delivery service to bring back the bikes if you want to ride the bus home. We DO offer bag services to Pai. However, these are not same day arrival services. If you would like to ship your bags to Pai you must bring them to our shop the day before you leave and pay 200 baht per bag. Our personal recommendation to our customers is to pack a small bag for the days you are in Pai to take on the bike and leave your big bags in our garage. We have cameras on at all times and the bags will remain safe.